Do You Consider Yourself a Makeup Expert? Take It from Hobby to Small Business

When I was younger I did a very basic makeup course. Now, while it didn’t teach me how to complete high-fashion or editorial looks, it did teach me all about makeup, how and where it should be applied, and more importantly, in what quantities. Once I finished this course, I matched it with my own … [Continue reading]

The Art of Choosing a Wedding Photographer

A photographer is an essential part of your wedding ceremony. Therefore, you should ensure that you select the best photographer to capture all the exciting moments of your wedding. While choosing a wedding photographer, there are three primary factors you should consider. Let`s go into details … [Continue reading]

Aromatherapy with Vaprorizer

You may be skeptical about vaporizer or also known as e cigarette. You think it is just another way of smoking and you are not too enthusiast about … [Continue reading]

Better Power for Better Taste

So you are still using vape pen and you feel cool about it. Sorry to ruin it but vape pen is so yesterday! What cool today is box mod. Yes, it is the … [Continue reading]

Fighting Breast Cancer

Nobody wants to have cancer as it will bring lot of suffer and it can turn your life upside down. For women, breast cancer is even more haunting. It … [Continue reading]